Essay on Education in Great Britain

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Stephan Waba Essay on Education in Great Britain für Sprachübungen IV bei Frau Mag. Lach 7 pages 2.417 words SS 1999 Wenn du diese Arbeit verwendest, schick bitte ein email an sjw Education is a highly topical issue in Britain since it affects nearly everybody. Everyone has at one stage of their lives attended school and after all it is there where people acquired their first long-time friends, developed their social personalities and gained a lasting sense of a communal identity. Governments both Labour and Conservative have always influenced the education system according to their believes and so the discussion around that controversial topic education never finds an end. In this essay I want to briefly characterise the British school system and explain its historic development. By pointing out the most important innovations and achievements I try to make clear how this system changed and what impact this had on the present situation. A look into the future of British education will conclude my essay. Schooling in Great Britain has evolved over time as a result of both state and private systems. The state offers primary and secondary education for ages five to eleven or eleven to eighteen respectively. A few middle schools for children aged ten to thirteen and some special schools for pupils with learning difficulties round off the state system. State schools in Britain are non-denominational. Of the state-supported schools with a religious affiliation the ...

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