Conflicts between men and women

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CONFLICTS BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN Most of the conflicts between men and women are results of their different types of perceiving the world around them, and their different kinds of values. Another factor contributing to the war of the sexes are the different ways of approaching stress and conflicts. Nevertheless the gap between the sexes is widened by the roles men and women were forced in during the centuries. In the last century´s the womens movement was born and had its first successes for which they had fought for a long time. This progress made some men afraid of losing their male power and still there are voices (even nowadays) that claim women should stay at home, be perfect housewifes and nothing else.But fortunately the womens movement caused a new way of thinking not only with women but also with men. No matter if men and women are seen as equal partners in law and society, there are differences that have to be considered to understand the reasons for often recurring conflicts and maybe find solutions for yourself in everyday situations. THE WAY A MAN SEES THE WORLD A mans values are power, competency, efficiency and achievement. He does things to prove himself and to develop his skills and talents. His sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results, a man experiences fullfilment through success and accomplishment. A mans dress is designed to reflect skills and he is therefore more likely to wear uniforms like hats and suits. A man is more ...

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