Orwell, Georg: Animal Farm

USSR, soviet republic after 1917, communism, revolution, history, allegory, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Orwell, Georg: Animal Farm
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Animal Farm George Orwell was born i 903 and died in 1950. His books were always pointing at important political themes of real importance. Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor farm and most of the time he is drunk. One day old Major has a dream. He dreams that the animals live like slaves on the farm and he wants to finish the slavery. So he speaks to the animals to make a rebellion. Some days later Major dies so the other animals want to make the rebellion. They want to overthrow the human race because a man is an enemy. He is the only creature, who consumes without working. Human beings reign over the animals. One day the animals don`t get enough food so they started the rebellion. They fight with Mr. Jones until he runs away. Now the animals are the owner of the farm and they change ...

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