Angola: The political parties

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Angola: The political parties The four main military parties of Angola are: The FNLA: National front for the liberation of Angola (Front National de Liberation de l Angola) The MPLA: Popular movement for the liberation of Angola ( Movimento Popular de Libertaco de l Angola) The UNITA: National Union for the total independence of Angola (Uniaco Nacional para a Idepencia Total da Angola) The FLEC: Front for the liberation of Cambinda The FNLA that primary acts from Zaire which is in the north east of Angola, got a leader named Roberto Holden. He is not able to organise the party, neither politically, nor militarily. The most important problem of the FNLA is the Corruption. The leader embezzles money which is needed for buying weapons. In addition to this he is claimed to act tribalistic. The FNLA was very important in the beginning of the war, later they lost their presence in the cities. This party was supported by the USA, but later, as the USA stopped supporting the war, they got money from Saudi Arabia. The MPLA, the now most important party, is an elitary organisation with the highest popularity in the cities. They are strongly influenced by the Portuguese culture, and they are modern. The other parties claim them of not being Africans any more. The MPLA fought against Colonialism in general and not only against the Portuguese government. They are strongly Marxistic orientated. Because of that, they were supported by the USSR and Cuba. The MPLA won the democratic ...

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