Stevenson, Robert Louis: Kidnapped

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KIDNAPPED-Robert Louis Stevenson R. L. Stevenson: Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on 13th November 1850. At the age of seventeen he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study engineering; his father hoped to deliver him his firm later. However, he abandoned this course of studies and made the compromise of studying law. When he finished the studies he didn t practise, because he knew that he wanted to be a writer. He went to France to join a company of other young writers. There he wrote many short stories, novels and romances.... He died in December 1894 and was buried at the top of Mount Vaea above his home on Samoa. The story: Once, there was a 17 years old boy, called David Balfour. His parents were dead; and he had to go to his uncle Ebenezer Balfour to get a job there, because it was his fathers last wish. So he did. In his uncle s town, nobody liked Ebenezer But that didn t mind. When he get there, his uncle was quite unfriendly to him. By the way, his uncle wanted to kill him, but that didn t work. So Mr Ebenezer Balfour went with David to Queensferry (that was a town nearby). There he played a trick on him. He gave the captain of a big ship some money, to kidnap David. When they were in a inn, David had been given sleep-powder in his juice. Then he met the captain- Mr Hoseason. He said that he wanted to show Ebenezer and David his ship. When they got there, David fell asleep.... When he woke up, his uncle has gone away. He was alone in a dark room, ...

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