Alchol Prohibition

Rise of the Temperence movement, Volstea Act, President Harding, Development of the organised crime, Breeding ground Chicago, Al Capone, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Alchol Prohibition
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Gymnasium Andreanum 12. Jahrgang 1998 99 F A C H A R B E I T aus dem Fach E n g l i s c h T h e m a : V e r f a s s e r : Alexandra Leistungskurs : Englisch EN 12141 Kursleiter : Herr Baris Abgabetermin : 24. 03. 1999 Punkte.......................... Unterschrift des Lehrers................................... Table of Contests Introduction Course of the Prohibition2.1. Rise of the Temperence movement 2.2. Volstead Act 2.3. President Harding 2.4. Development of the organised crime 2.4.1. Breeding ground Chicago 2.4.2. Al Capone 2.5. People´s attitude towards alcohol 3. Lessons of Prohibition 4. Pros and cons of the drug legalisation question in respect to Prohibition 5. Conclusion 6. Appendix 7 . Bibliography 1. By portraying the events leading up to and during the US alcohol Prohibition between 1919 and 1922 this work aims to develop lessons for the modern drug war and finally to explore whether drug legalisation might improve on the current situation. The Prohibition era offers a very promising comparison as organised crime, that had already existed on small scale in Europe and Asia, grew so tremendously during the Prohibition era that it was possible to form a national organisation, that has been compared with a cartel of legitimate business firms. After repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment put an end to bootlegging, which means illegal manufacturing, selling, or transporting of liquor, criminal overlords turned to other activities like drug dealing and became even more ...

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