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Canada: History The first inhabitants of Canada came from Asia about 30000 years ago, across the Bering Strait to Alaska. Some were nomads and other led more settled lives. The Vikings were the first Europeans to arrive. In about AD 1000 Lief Ericson landed on the Labrador coast. In 1497 John Cabot discovered Canada s east coast (now called Newfoundland) and claimed the land for Britain. Settlements were founded so that the rich Newfoundland waters could be fished. Both the French and English set up permanent settlements in the new land, and traded with the Canadian Indians - furs for guns, liquor and tools. While the British were developing the Atlantic area and the central part of the country (Ontario), the French were Establishing their own fur-trading operations and settlements mainly in what is now the province of Quebec. After a lot of rivalry and war between the French and the British both languages became the official language of Canada. Canada was a British colony for more than a century. In 1867, the British North America Act created the Dominion of Canada, which consisted of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the provinces and territories joined the confederation by the turn of the century, except Newfoundland, which joined in 1949. The head of State is still Queen Elizabeth II, and Canada belongs to the Commonwealth. Cities In 1867, when Canada became a self-governing nation, only one-tenth of the population lived in cities. Today, eight ...

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