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Uncle Vampire Author: Cynthia D. Grant First published: 1993 Characters: Carolyn: She is a sixteen year- old girl with a terrible secret. She wants to talk about her secret, but nobody is listening. She is very unhappy and feels a little bit jealous of her twin sister because everyone likes Honey better than her. Honey: She is the twin sister of Carolyn and she always wants to be happy. She wipes the secret away and she pretends that everything is alright. She is the opposite of Carolyn. Uncle Toddy: He lives with Carolyn´s family. He has no work but everyone thinks he is a good help for the family. Message: Sometimes the evil is very close. Quotations: Honey, she says, you don´t have another sister., p.141 Personal statement: It is a very sad story but it is an interesting written book. When I started reading this book I never thought that Carolyn and Honey are one and the same person. I was really surprised when I found it out. Short summary: It is about two girls who are raped by their own uncle. Carolyn lives together with her family and her uncle Toddy. She and her twin sister are very close to each other although they have different characters. Carolyn is jealous of Honey because she always tries to be happy and everyone likes her better than Carolyn. But the two girls have a dark secret. Her uncle Toddy comes to them in the night and rapes the girls. Carolyn wants to tell somebody about that but Honey pretends everyone that everything is alright and she does not want ...

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