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Gangs Young people and violence Index: A Definition Personal Experience Film Boys in the Hood Literature Shadow of the Dragon (Sherry Garland)Outsiders (Sue Ellen Hinton) The Chocolate War (Robert Cormier) Common information about gangs A gang is a group of people, especially Young people, who usually go around together and often deliberately cause trouble. They are connected in some way and hang around, e.g.: frightening people and breaking windows. They also fight with rival gangs (violent street-gangs). Many young people, especially young people who are in their puberty, often feel misunderstood by their grownups. They do not understand each other at all. Together with other problems (e.g.: problems with their friends, first love, school,...), the teenagers often cannot handle such problems and so they tend to join groups like gangs. In the gangs they feel important. They are somebody. The gang is like a family for them. The other members of the gang are confronted with the same problems and so they understand each other. There are many gangs all over the world. Often gang members live in poor neighbourhoods. They are not well educated and besides they do not have much money. They often have to defend themselves against rival gangs. That is why they are armed in most of the cases. The history of gangs in the USA: The street activity that as scared not only the terrain but the quality of life of its occupants for over 20 years, has been transformed into peace. Some years ...

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