Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine

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H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The author HERBERT GEORGE WELLS was born in 1866 in Bromley Kent. He is still famous for his utopian Sci-Fi-Stories. The Time Machine was written in 1895 and it´s still the story that is significant for Wells. He also wrote the books The Country of the Blind (1901), Kipps (1905), A Modern Utopia (1905) and An Outline of History (1920). Wells always dreamed of a socialist world, but the World Wars changed his mind. Wells died 1946 in London. The main actors THE TIME TRAVELLER: He is the main person. The Time Traveller is a kind of eccentric scientist, he builds up a time machine and travels alone into the year 802 701. THE EDITOR, THE NEWSPAPER-WRITER, THE MEDICAL MAN: The people who are sitting together with the Time Traveller while he is telling his story about his journey through time. They don´t believe any word of what the time traveller says. WEENA: The girl that the Time Traveller meets in 802 701. She is very small, just about 3,5 ft., and behaves quite childish. THE TELLER OF THE STORY: He tells the whole story from the first page to the last. He is also present while the Time Traveller tells his story. The story The story begins in the Time Travellers House. The Time Traveller, the Editor, the Newspaper-writer, the Medical Man and the teller of the story are sitting together and listen to the Time Travellers story. The Time Traveller presents them his idea of a time machine. First they don´t believe him, but then the Time Traveller ...

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