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Beauty What is beauty? You can t say something about it in general. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. In history there have been lots of types of the perfect body. One of the earliest ideals was the Stone Age Venus of Willendorf, a sculpture whose vital statistics amount to 96-89-96 (in inches). The average 14th century human beeing prefered broad hips, fat tights, short legs, small breasts and a large belly. The Greeks worked out precise proportions for beauty. The female navel had to be exactly midway between the breasts and the genitals. The dark-haired Greeks considered fair-haired women exotic, perhaps the start of the notion that blondes have more fun. In ancient Egypt, women spend hours fixing hair, applying lipstick, eye shadow and fingernail polish, grinding away body and genital hair with pumice stones. In opposite, in Europe s Romantic age, the people favoured the wan, cadaverous look. In that time women sometimes drank alcoholics or stayed up all night to look pale and interesting Fragility was all. But all got different at the turn of the century. During the hourglass craze (a populer fashion in which a very narrow waist was essential) vital statistics of 38-18-38 seemed to be perfect. Since then, the ideal woman in Western culture slimmed down. She grows up thinking of that to be attractive to men. The ideal woman should be soft, feminine and caked in cosmetics. Today, health is beauty. You can t have one without the other. The whole world is in an ...

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