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CANNABIS HISTORY The earliest record of cannabis use is from a compendium of medicines which was compiled for the Chinese emperor Shen Nung in about 2727 BC. Although it grows in many parts of the world and so has a long history of use in many cultures, especially in Asian and African where the plants grow in the warm climate. Since then the cannabis plants have been used for making ropes, clothes and medicine. Cannabis has been used medically world-wide for centuries. Although many people in Austria use it illegally as an effective reliever of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, hypoglycaemia and, in certain instances, as a medication for the terminally ill. The use of cannabis for its intoxicating effect has always been a political issue. In Austria cannabis was first used by young West Indian immigrants. The 60s hippy culture reached Austria and with it came the availablility of cannabis to a wide range of young people. The use of the drug declined slightly during the 70s but with the dance scene kicking off in the 80s with acid house, ravers, party goers and clubbers found it the perfect drug to bring them down and chill out with after a hard nights dancing. Information The various forms of cannabis mostly come from the plants Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, which grow throughout the world. Cannabis is available in three main forms, as a dried herb (grass), as a resin (hash or hashish) which is extracted from the buds and flower heads in the country of origin, and ...

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