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Roald Dahl Matilda Matilda Wormwood was a 4-year- old, extraordinary .girl. She was sensitive and mild, not like her parents and her brother Michael. Her parents didnt care about her and left her alone the whole afternoon, so she could go to the library and read books there. When she had read all children books, Matilda started reading grown-ups books. Mr. Wormwood was a dealer in second-hand cars. One day he explained his to children how to make cars run better. He bought old cars at a very low price, put sawdust into the gear-box and fiddled the mileage down with electric drills. That made the old car look like a new one. But after 100 miles it was just the same old car like it had been before Mr. Wormwood had manipulated it. Matilda didnt think it was right, so she told him that it was dishonest and disgusting. Her father became angry and shouted at her. In the night she thought about how she could pay her father his bad behaviour back. Then she had an idea The next morning she took the hat of her father and painted superglue at the inside of its rim. Mr. Wormwood didnt recognise the superglue and put the hat on his head. He drove to the garage and when he wanted to take the hat off, the superglue was hard and he didnt get the hat off. So he had to keep the hat on the whole day long. At home Mrs. Wormwood tried to take off the hat. But that was impossible, so Mrs. Wormwood took a pair of scissors and cut the hat off. At breakfast he had a bald ring round his head and on ...

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