The War in Vietnam

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The War in Vietnam The longest war of the 20th century The first phase: The Indochina war After the withdrawal of the Japanese troops in 1945 the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was founded on September the 2nd in Hanoi in the North. Under the President Ho Chi Minh, founder and president of the communistic League for the Independence of Vietnam , the so-called Vietminh , the North wanted the full power over the whole country. Ho Chi Minh means The Enlightened or The Ocean of Light . He was inspired by Mao Tse Dong and Lenin. The French, who where the colonial power before the war, wanted to restore their power. The war began in November 1946 when French ships attacked the harbour of Haiphong after the Vietminh denied retreading his troops out of the city; 6000 people died. In the following battles the French troops reached to push the Vietminh back to a line westwards of Hanoi. 1949 the French re-established the power of Bao Dai in Saigon (who was removed from office by the Vietminh in 1945) as the president of the Republic Vietnam . After the revolution in China in 1949 the communists there massively supported the Vietminh who now successfully attacked the French and drove them back. According to the domino theory the West now feared that the communist, anti-colonial movement would spread over to neighbouring countries. Eisenhower, president at that time, said about that theory: You had a row of dominoes set up, and you knocked over the first one, and what would happen to ...

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