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Education in the US 1) History Since the early colonial times Americans have always seen education as very important. Among the first settlers there was a high proportion of educated men. There was an average of one university man to 40 or 50 families. Before the revolution in 1776, nine colleges had already been opened in the New England States. In 1837 the Oberlin College in Ohio was the first one which admitted women on an equal basis with men. By 1850, every state had provided (zur Verfügung stellen) a system of free public schools open to all and paid for by public taxes. Today, 88 of American children attend public schools and 12 go to private schools. A lot of private schools are run by churches or religious groups. The Americans believe that the future of society depends on the quantity and quality of its educated citizens. That´s why a lot of Americans are still willing to give more money to education. The education of NegroesUntil 1954, the generally established principle of separate but equal facilities (getrennt, aber mit den selben Möglichkeiten) largely barred Negroes from white schools, especially in the South. In 1954 a Supreme Court ruling required the integration of Negroes into the public school system. This led to many conflicts in the Southern states. In recent years court orders for busing as a means for achieving (erreichen) integration have often led to racial confrontations among students in the school. Most Negro-children still go to segregated ...

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