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ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Name: Schneeberger Bernhard Class: 3 4 AEB 2000 2001 Examiner: Prof. Wurzinger Riedl Table of contents 1 What is alternative energy? 2 Electricity and the environment: Why should we care? 2.1 Environmental factors 2.2 Conventional energy sources 3 Alternative technologies 3.1 Efficiency 3.2 Solar power 3.2.1 Solar thermal power 3.2.2 Photovoltaic cells 3.3 Geothermal power 3.4 Wind power 3.5 Low impact hydro power 3.6 Biomass power 4 Pros and cons 5 Words 6 Sources 1 What is alternative energy? Alternative power, or alternative energy is electricity that is produced in a clean way by using environmentally friendly basic material or sources. The basic materials could be renewable ones, like biomass or natural gas. Alternative sources are more or less powered from the sun. For example solar energy, wind energy and all kinds of hydro power. Some others, like geothermal, are powered from the geothermal heat beneath the earth´s surface. The target is to minimize all kinds of pollution. But it is not so easy to force alternative energy. As long as commercial power sources (coal, oil, nuclear, hi-impact hydro) are cheaper than alternative energy, people will use comercial sources. Both new techniques have to be developed and environmental factors have to be right to keep the price low. For example, geothermal power could be used almost anywhere at Iceland, but hardly in Austria. 2 Electricity and the environment: Why should we care? Today, the electric power ...

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