Violations of the human rights of woman in custody

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Violations of the human rights of woman in custody
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VIOLATIONS OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN CUSTODY There are approximately 138,000 women incarcerated in jails and prisons in the USA. This report describes violations of the internationally guaranteed human rights of women in custody. The violations include: rape and other sexual assault by prison officials with impunity shackling of pregnant prisoners, especially during labor seriously inadequate medical care leading to death, permanent injury, miscarriages confinement in isolation for prolonged periods in conditions of reduced sensory stimulation Some more information: The number of US women inmates has more than tripled since 1985. About 40 of women in prison violated drug laws. About 25 are in prison for committing a violent crime. Black women s rate of imprisonment is more than 8 times , Hispanic women s rate nearly 4 times that of white women. Around 200,000 children under the age of 18 have an incarcerated mother. 80,000 women in US prisons and jails are parents, many are single parents. 1,300 babies were born to women in prison in 1997 1998 and more than 2,200 pregnant women were incarcerated. STORY 1: Annette Romo, 32, knew that her drug conviction would mean a sacrifice of four and a half years of her life behind bars in an Arizona jail. She had no idea that price would include her unborn child as well. On the night of April 20, 1997 Annette, four months pregnant, began experience profuse vaginal bleeding. Her complaint to the guard brought only a comment that ...

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