Conflict in Ireland

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CONFLICT IN IRELAND The people of Northern Ireland disagree about the future of Ireland. One side wants to remain part of the UK. They are called Unionists. Hardline Unionists are also known as Loyalists. Most of the Unionists are also Protestants. The other side want Northern Ireland to join the South and become part of the Irish Republic. They are called Nationalists. Hardline Nationalists are also known as Republicans. They are mostly Catholics. The two communities in Northern Ireland are represented by a large number of different organisations. Here is a list of the main organisations for the Nationalist and Unionist communities: Nationalist Catholic SDLP Social Democratic and Labour Party: Founded in 1970, the SDLP is supported almost entirely by Catholics. It wants Irish unity but is fiercely opposed to the violence of the IRA. The SDLP is the main voice of peaceful Nationalism in Northern Ireland. Sinn Féin: This political party backs the tradition of revolutionary violence and the work of the IRA. It is supported by Catholics in working class areas. IRA Irish Republican Army: Originally established in 1919, this organisation has used force to oppose the British presence in Ireland. IRA members have killed large numbers of British soldiers and Northern Ireland police officers. IRA bombs have also killed civilians in both Northern Ireland and mainland Britain. The IRA is illegal in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Unionist Protestant UUP Ulster Unionist Party: ...

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