Customs and traditions in Britain

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Customs and Traditions in Britain Some British customs and traditions are famous all over the world and a lot of them have very long histories. First I will tell you about British customs during the year. In January, there is a festival, called Up-Helly-Aa. In the ninth century, men from Norway came to the Shetlands. The Shetlands are islands near Scotland. These men were the Vikings. They came to Britain in ships and carried away animals, gold, and sometimes women and children, too. Now, 1 000 years later, people in the Shetlands remember the Vikings with a festival. They call the festival Up-Helly-Aa. Every winter the people of Lerwick, this is a town in the Shetlands, make a model of a ship. It´s a Viking longship, with the head of a dragon at the front. Then, on Up-Helly-Aa night in January, the Shetlanders dress in Viking clothes, carry the ship through the town to the sea and there they burn it. They do this because the Vikings put their dead men in the ship and burned them. It goes without saying that there aren´t any men in the modern ships. Now the festival is a party for the people of the Shetland Islands. Like our traditions there is also in Britain St Valentine´s Day in February and April Fool´s Day on April 1st. In May there is also a tradition with a long history. May 1st was an important day in the Middle Ages. In the very early morning, young girls went to the fields and washed their faces with dew. They belived this made them very beautiful for a year after ...

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