Gibson, William: Count Zero

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COUNT ZERO By William Gibson I allready had the pleasure to read one of W. Gibbson s books named Virtual Light and really enjoyed it. That was basically why I bought this book; that and the fact that nearly everyone I asked about Science Fiction told me that Gibson would be the Big Boss in this genre. The story is told in the view of 3 ( ) narrators: TURNER (first name not mentioned): He is a mercenary who makes the dirty jobs for big companies. He s a specialist for extractions (kidnapping important persons or those who are bound by contracts and bring them to another company). MARLY KRUSHKOWA: Worked in an galery untill it went bancrupt and now tries herself as a Art-specialist seeking rare art for rich persons. BOBBY (last name not mentioned): A kid from the slums of Barrytown Los Angeles. He earns his money stealing data from the so-called MATRIX (Something like a really, really huge Internet). TO EXPLAIN THE TIME: The story takes place in the near future, where life got far more technical then nowadays: Science has made huge advancements, but not all were good. The rapid increase in the possibilities to cure humans has lead to an overpopulation of earth and so space-stations have been build to hold the huge amound of people excisting. Another side-effect was that only large, rich companies could afford to buy the latest technology and by this have built up huge monopoles. The Internet has widened over the whole planet and the use of biochips (transplants in the head of ...

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