Alcohol and Tobacco

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Table of contents 1.) Alcohol What is alcohol The alcohol content of various drinks Why do people drink alcohol How alcohol affects the human body What is being drunk The alcohol industry is a big business Consumption of alcohol is increasing Drinking and driving 2.) The tobacco habit The history of tobacco Why do people smoke Why do young people smoke What happens when you smoke Tobacco and the human body The risks of smoking 3.) The choice is yours If you smoke If you drink 1.) Alcohol What is alcohol ? Alcohol is a chemical; obtained by the fermentation of cereals or by distillation. Alcohol is a colourless liquid with a slightly sweet smel and a burned taste. The alcoholic content of various drinks: Fortified wine (port, sherry vermouth,...) 15 - 22 vol. Ordinary wine 10 - 12 vol. Beer and cider 4 - 7 vol. Spirits and liqueurs (whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, vodka,...) 40 - 50 vol. Why do people drink alcohol ? All over the world people drink alcohol in a variety or different forms. To celebrate To relax To be sociable To feel adult and manly Many people have their first alcoholic drink at about the age of 12. Well some people would say: I drink when I m bored or I enjoy the feeling I get from drink or I like the taste or If I didn t drink I d be missing out, wouldn t I ?. How alcohol affects the human body The nervous system: The main effect of alcohol is on the nervous system. It acts as a depressant and slows down the way the brain works. Large doses make a person ...

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