Allende, Isabell: The House of the Spirits

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Allende, Isabell: The House of the Spirits
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THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabell Allende Valentin Wegerth, 1999 The plot of the novel stretches from the 30s of our century to the present. The story is about two families of the chilean upper class, the Truebas and the Del Valles (spricht man übrigens dell vajes aus). Esteban Trueba whose father was a drunkard and a gambler and lost all his money - decides to seek his luck in the goldmines in the nord of the country. He hopes to get rich as fast as possible to be able to marry the beautiful Rosa del Valle. Rosas sister Clara who was some kind of strange since her childhood develops - in the time when Esteban is working in the mines a clear-sighted abillity ( hellseherische Fähigkeit). Her father Severo who is very interested in politics hopes that she will lose her strange gift when she becomes older but it turns out to be right the other way round: One day she announces the sudden death of somebody this somebody turns out be her own sister Rosa. To escape from the past Esteban decides to move to the mansion ( Gutshof) of his family. Although it s the middle of the century all people there live like slaves. All people belong to the patron and serve him for their whole lives. He had never known another social structure and considers this one as the best for all participants. He cares for them as well as they care for him but all people fear his anger and his sexual ecapades ( sexuelle Eskapaden). There s hardly no young woman in the area that has no child from him or ...

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