Steinbeck, John: The Pearl

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Marco Zapletal The Pearl The Plot: The parable The Pearl deals with a drastic incident in the life of Kino, a poor Indian fisherman, and his wife. The story is set in the little village La Paz , which is situated on the coast of the Gulf on California. A new day begins and Kino awakens next to his wife Juana in their simple hut which is made of brush. The couple sleeps on mats on the dirt floor and their little son Coyotito sleeps in a hanging box. Kino is happy and content with his life despite the family is very poor. He watches the sunrise and listens to the sounds of the morning. During he watches the sunrise he hears the Song of the Family in his mind. When Kino hears the Song of the Family playing in his mind, it s an indication, that all is well. The Song of the Family or the Song of Evil, which occurs later in the play, are songs who play in the minds of the Indian people in this story. These ancient songs have been passed from generation to generation and they start to play in the minds of the Indian people when good or evil things happen. But suddenly a disaster happens, because a poisonous scorpion stings Coyotito. Juana takes her child immediately and sucks out the poison. Because of the screaming of Coyotito the whole neighbourhood comes to the hut of the family, including Kino s brother Juan Thomas and his wife Apolonia. Juana tells Kino to get the doctor, but this is impossible, because of the class distinction between Indian people and Spanish people. Kino ...

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