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C O N T E N T I. Instead of an introduction p. 2II. Violence - biggest problem on TV p. 3III. Children and TV p. 5IV. New censor chip for American TVs p. 7 Videos - big brothers of TV programmes - and their classification p. 8VI. Computer and video Games - a part of multimedia p. 13 VII. What about the Internet? p. 15 INSTEAD OF AN INTRODUCTION U.K.; 1993 Two-year-old James Bulger was killed by 2 ten-year-old boys and afterwards found on a railway line covered with blue paint. Some weeks before the father of one of the boys hired a video called Child`s Play 3 that was lying around at their home. In the film a doll dressed in child`s clothes is killed on a railway after being covered with blue paint. USA; 1994 Two American runaways killed a man in a random shooting after watching Oliver Stone`s video Natural Born Killers, that shows 52 violent deaths, more than 20 times. USA, Colorado; 20th april 1999 Two teenagers at the age of 17 and 18 years executed 14 pupils and 1 teacher, hurt other 24 pupils in the school and admitted afterwards suicide. The teenagers were dressed in black trenchcoats just the some way like the person in Basketball Diaries who was played by Leonardo di Caprio. Di Caprio also shoots at the teacher and the pupils in his film. CONSEQUENCES OF TV ? VIOLENCE - BIGGEST PROBLEM ON TV Even if you just watch a few hours of TV, you can`t miss the fact that violence is everywhere on our TV programmes. Although research shows that violence on TV is worsening and ...

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