Wells, H. G.: The Invisible Man

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Wells, H. G.: The Invisible Man
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a novel by H.G WELLS PPC THE INVISIBLE MAN One wintry, cold and snowy February day Griffin arrives at the Coach and Horses Inn in Iping. The hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Hall, who are the owner of this inn, is absolutely great. But something seems to be very strange for them because Griffin doesn t want to take off his clothes. Only his nose could be seen by other people. He tells that he was an experimental investigator and that he has had an accident and uses this as a reason for non taking of his clothes. People think that Griffin is a very strange person. At the Iping Hangar tavern Fearnside remarks to Teddy Henfrey that the strange guest at the inn must be black since there was only blackness where his dog has bitten the fellow, nothing that even looked like skin. Another odd thing is the luggage of the stranger. When the first crate is brought into the parlor, the stranger sets upon it avidly, emptying it of the various shaped bottles it contains and scattering the straw about the floor. He maintains this pace until six cases are emptied of a great abundance of bottles. In the still hours before dawn on Whit Monday, the vicarage is burglarised. Rev. Mr. Bunting can not see a visible invader and is not able to catch the thief. Very early on Whit Monday Mr. and Mrs. Hall discover the room of the stranger to be empty and the only clothes the guest is known to possess are scattered about. Once in the room, incredible things occur. Bedclothes, the stranger s hat, a chair ...

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