Miller, Arthur (1915-1995): All my sons

truth, missing son, World War, responsibility, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Miller, Arthur (1915-1995): All my sons
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Mr. Keller is the owner of a factory. He has lost Larry, one of his two sons in the war and his younger son Chris wants to marry Larry s girl. The girl, Ann, can t forgive her father, who is in prison for selling cracked cylinder heads and causing 21 planes to crash, neither can her brother, George. Mr. Keller tries to explain the whole affair saying that it wasn t only their father s fault. Then George rings up his sister and tells her that he has talked to their father. Not their father in prison but Mr. Keller is responsible for the use of the cracked cylinder heads. Joe Keller then admits knowledge of the bad parts but tells them that he had done everything for the good of the family and Chris and that he only wanted the best for his family and business. Chris is shocked, desperate, ...

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