The Channel Tunnel

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E - Speech The Channel Tunnel Tobias Deutsch 5hba Contents: 1. History 1802 The first project was presented to Napoleon I. It was a plan of a submarine coachway for horses and carriages, ventilated by long wooden chimneys running to the surface, and arising at an artificial island at a mid-point in the Channel where the horses could be changed. 1855 Thomè de Garmond dived to the Channel s seabed to investigate it. He dedicated his whole life to construct a fix link across the channel. One of his planes was a frozen tunnel made by a massive refrigeration process and sealed on the inside to maintain a proper temperature. Both the British and the French government realised that a tunnel was both physically and financially viable. 1880 With a machine constructed by Colonel F.E. Beaumont a first attempt to bore a tunnel was made. After two years and 2 km the whole project was halted because of military risks. 1922 Another attempt was made at Folkestone, but this time with the comparatively modern Whitaker tunnel boring machine. 1974 A Franco-British initiative started to dig a new tunnel located at Shakespeare Cliff. This time after 1 year and 400 meters the project was stopped due to the new government s decision not to proceed. 1979 British Rail and the SNCF presented a new scheme but this remained on the drawing board. 11.9 1981 British and French governments announce new studies for a fixed link across the English Channel. 2.4 1985 British and French governments invite ...

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