Acid Rain

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Speech: ACID RAIN I am presenting my speech about ACID RAIN. 1. INTRODUCTION Acid rain is caused by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil and allowing them to pollute the atmosphere. This form of pollution is so strong that many trees and lakes are dying, buildings are decaying and, in some cases, people s health is being damaged. Acid rain is one of many pressures on our environment caused by the modern way of life enjoyed by people in the more industrialized countries. Modern technolgy has made many people richer, in one way more healthy and more comfortable than ever before. However, all these benefits depend on our environment, which provides us with everything we need - the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, the house in which we live and the school in which we learn. If we continue to damage the environment, then it will not be able to support us so well. I will be telling you more about acid rain and how it can damage the environment. 2. AIR POLLUTION Most air pollution is a result of burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. These fuels have been formed over thousands of years from dead plants and animals. When the fuel is burnt, not only is the energy released, but many other chemicals as well, including sulphur and nitrogen that the organic material contained. This happens in factories, traffic and cities (-- FOIL 1). These substances are two of the most important ingredients of acid rain. (Here is a picture you can understand better. -- FOIL ...

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