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SONY Corporation Structure of the presentation: 1. General facts 2. Company structure 3. Figures 4. Management styles recruitment methods 5. Advertising marketing 6. Environmental affairs General facts: founded: May 7, 1946 headquarters: Tokyo representatives: Norio Ohga (Chairman and Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer) Tsunao Hashimoto (Vice Chairman and Representative Director) Nobuyuki Idei (President and Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer) number of employees: 151.000 (as of March 21, 1997) capital: 332.036.923.736 yen (as of March 31, 1997) SONY Corporation is the 3rd biggest electronics company in the world Company structure: Electronics Business (Video Equipment, Audio Equipment, Televisions, Others) Entertainment Business (Music Group, Pictures Group) Insurance and Financing Figures: 1997 1996 Income Statement Sales (mil.) 45.670 43.326 Cost of goods sold (mil.) 29.545 28.203 Assets Total (mil.) 45.809 47.601 Liabilities Total (mil.) 34.040 36.571 Equity Shares outstanding (mil.) 384 374 Common stock eq. (mil.) 11.770 11.030 as of March 31 (fiscal year end) Recruitment methods: SONY is a trailblazer, always a seeker of the unknown. SONY never intends to follow old trails, but hopes to find its own paths of progress by opening up new trails, yet to be trod. Through this progress, SONY wants to serve mankind. New trails are strewn with hardships. But the people in SONY work in harmony to surmount these hardships, finding joy and pride in ...

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