Soccer (The Game)

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Soccer Football is an 11-a-side field game played with a spherical ball; the most widely played team game in the world and the most popular spectator sport, followed avidly by millions of fans. It is often popularly called soccer (especially in the United States) which is a slang term dating from about 1891 as a shortening of assoc. or association . Association football is distinguished from American football, Canadian football, Rugby Union, and Rugby League football in that it is primarily played with the feet; History The ancestry of the game can be traced to 200 BC during the Han dynasty in China. Their game was called Tsu Chu (Tsu means roughly to kick , while Chu denotes a ball made of stuffed leather). Chinese emperors themselves took part. The Greeks and Romans had a variety of ball games (such as episkuros and harpastum) and some of them were probably foot- as well as handball games. In the 7th century the Japanese had a form of football called kemari. In 14th-century Florence there was the game calcio (giuoco del calcio, game of the kick ) which was played 27-a-side with 6 umpires. This game allowed the use of hands as well as feet. It is not until the 12th century that we find evidence of some form of football being played in England. Various forms of it were known in the Middle Ages. Basically, this was mob football which took place between rival factions and groups in towns and cities, and also between villages and parishes. Very large numbers of players took ...

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