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English-Speech Canada big picture Author: Pfannhauser Mario Contents list 1) Land and Climate 2) Wildlife 3) Canada´s history 4) Cities 5) Home life 6) Sport and leisure 7) Government Land and Climate Canada ist the largest country in the world, yet ist population of 26 million is just half that of Britain and one-tenth the population of the USA. It has an area of nearly 10 million sq km. Canada stretches one-fifth of the way around the world. It takes five days and nights to cross the country by train. It is so enormous that it has seven time zones. The country´s coastline is more than 250000 km long, so if you could stretch it out into one long line, like a piece of string, it would wind around the equator six times. Canada is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west,the Arctic Ocean to the north and the USA and the St.Lawrence Seaway to the south. Canada has overone million lakes, which is more than the rest of the world combined. Canadians are used to very cold winters, but in the south they also have very warm winters.The coldest offical temperature ever observed was -63 C, yet in parts of the country, the temperature also rises to 43 C in mid-summer. This is a range of nearly 106 C. The north of Canada reaches to the North Pole. Wildlife In the unsettled areas of Canada there is a lot of different wildlife. To name all these animals there to less time, so a couple of certain animals: moose, deer, beaver, antelope, bears,mountain ...

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