Weldon, Fay: The Life and Loves of a She Devil

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BOOK REPORT AUTHOR: Fay Weldon She was born in Birmingham, brought up in New Zealand and educated at Hampstead School for Girls. At the age of twenty, armed with an MA from St. Andrews` she took a job at the Foreign Office shuffling papers that sent spies to an uncertain fate in the East Bloc. She left when pregnant with the first of her four sons and subsequently worked for a succession of leading advertising agencies in increasingly exalted positions. Since then she has become one of Britain`s leading literary writers, screenwritten successfully for film and television, and in her journalism acquired a reputation for wit and controversy. Her work sells worldwide in translation. After a highly acclaimed BBC television adaptation, The Life and Loves of a She Devil was made into a Hollywood film starring Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep. Other books: The Fat Woman`s Joke; Leader of the Band; Letters to Alice: On First; Reading Jane Austen; Little Sisters; Polaris and Other Stories; The President`s Child; Puffball; Remember Me; The Shrapnel Academy; Watching Me, Watching You. TITLE: The Life and Loves of a She Devil CLASSIFICATION: The Life and Loves of a She Devil is a novel. The novel is divided into 34 chapters. MAIN CHARACTERS: Ruth Patchett (main figure) Bobbo Patchett Andy & Nicola (her husband) (their children) Mary Fisher Garcia (Bobbo`s affair) (one of Mary`s lovers) Ruth: She is six foot two inches tall. She has dark hair and a jutting jaw, eyes sunk rather far back ...

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