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In the early days opium was traded by sea merchants and was commonly used to ease pain. Doctors prescribed opium-based medicine for all kinds of illnesses. At the turn of the century heroin could be sold legally and was considered to be a harmless cure-all . At that time, most of the users who became addicts were medical addicts. There were hardly any users that took drugs for recreational use. In 1910 ,however, addiction abounded and drugs were blamed to be an encouragement to crime. As a consequence the import of opium into the U.S. was banned. In the 20´s Marijuana was brought to America in large quantities, especially by Mexican immigrants. In the 1950´s people began using LSD. It had for them a meaning beyond just getting high. Youngsters wanted to rebel against government and war and the fact that drugs horrified parents were the main reasons . Nowadays the drug abuse market is a multi-billion dollar business, and no one exactly knows how many drug addicts there are in the world. The most important and dangerous quality of a drug is of course its addictiveness. The most common addictive drugs are: alcohol, morphine, heroin and cocaine. All these drugs have one thing in common: they are capable of creating a state of mind in some individuals, which is termed psychological dependence. They affect thinking processes, moods and emotions. But there also exist a lot of misconceptions. Alcohol is often not thought of as a drug - largely because its use is common in social ...

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