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English preparation PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE Hoffer Gusztáv 5hba 1997 Topic: FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING FMS AND CIM - A SURVEY INCLUDING STRATEGY, REASONS AND CONSEQUENCES OF IMPLEMENTATION, SUBSYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY 1 WHAT IS MEANT BY FMS? The key issue weather for small and large institutions is to produce and design products to order rather than for stack to cut manufacturing costs and to stay in business in the future. Flexible manufacturing systems in this sense offers the fabrication facilities and techonologies for this concept. (This facilities may include testing, packaging, painting a. o.) 2 WHAT IS MEANT BY CIM? CIM is connected with a lot of likesome elements, but their information flow inbetween is not very clear, because CIM is connected with a lot of elements. The essence of CIM can be shown best with integration, though CIM was not designed for strict declarations. The CIM concept shows further the historically grown action areas of electronic data processing for each department. 2.1 Definition of CIM Computer Integrated Manufacture is concerned with providing computer assistence, control and high level integrated automation at all levels of manufacturing (and other) industries, by linking islands of automation into a distributed processing system. The technology applied in CIM makes intensive use of distributed computer networks and data processing techniques, Artificial intelligence and Data Base Management Systems. ...

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