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TABLE OF CONTENTS REMEMBER ... page 3 INTRODUCTION ... page 4 WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS? ... page 4 WHAT IS A DRUG? ... page 4 EFFECTS WHICH DRUGS HAVE ON MIND & BODY ... page 5 HOW CAN DRUGS AFFECT A PERSON S LIFE? ... page 6 DRUGS AND THE LAW ... page 7 GLOSSARY ... page 8 HANDOUT ... page 9 REMEMBER INTRODUCTION Today I m going to talk about drugs and people who take drugs. This speech should give you a short summary of drugs and the problems which are going hand in hand with drugs. I don t want to influence your opinion about alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs but it is necessary, especially for young people, to know some details about drug taking. WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS? There are three reasons why people take drugs: The first main reason people take drugs is to be accepted by their circle of friends or to permit lively wakefulness throughout week-end parties. Another reason for drug taking is to eliminate discomfort or worry. The last main reason why people find their way to drugs is boredom. All humans, especially young people, have exploratory drives toward mastering things and toward new and exciting, even dangerous, experiences.WHAT IS A DRUG? A drug is a chemical or plant which alters the way the mind or body works. There are thousands of different sorts of drugs. Some drugs are socially accepted, like alcohol or tobacco, and some have important medical uses and are exclusively given by doctors. And last, there are drugs like LSD, heroin or hashish, which are ...

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