Artificial Intelligence

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S.H.Nov 1994 Artificial Intelligence: Today there are two main groups in the ai research. The ones are the logicists and the others are the connectionists. The logicists are the traditional ai scientists who try to create ai on computers based at the von Neumann model. The connectionists try to build ai by watching and recreating the human brain. The logicists: The History: One of the first people who thought about artificial intelligence was Gottfried Leibnitz a 17`th century mathematican, who fantasised about logical techniques. At this time most scientists tried to find an ultimate reasoning mechanism. In the 50`s the most scientists recognised that there couldn`t be a general theory of intelligence. In the late 60`s Joseph Weitzenbaum created a programm called eliza . it was the first automatet psychiatrist. in the mid 70`s the stanford resarch center build a roboter called shakey with it`s ai programm it was barely able to navigate an empty corridor. But it was a flop. S.H.Nov 1994 Definition and structure: The most common ai programms are expert systems ,this programms are desingned to capture human expertise and try to use it to find the best logical solution. In expert systems the programmers try to codify the principls of valid reasoning in form of mathematical equations, so that the ai program sees the life as a book of rules it has to obey. Most expert systems use a piece of software called inference engine. This small program is able to apply the rules programed ...

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Artificial Intelligence
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