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English report about teenagers and alcohol Today I want to talk about teenagers and alcohol. I ´d like to give you some information about the article Teenage drinking not a problem - yet taken from the Read on. Researchers find, that English children drink more than other Europeans - new alcoholic drinks may encourage more teenagers to start drinking. This is the result of a study carried out in three countries: in England, France and Spain. Researchers questioned children aged from 11 to 16 at 35 schools in Humberside about their drinking habits. They found out that only 14 per cent of the English pupils said, they did not drink, compared with 32 per cent of the French and 46 per cent of the Spanish. In all three countries, boys drank more than girls. The English teenagers were also more likely to be heavy drinkers. Six per cent of the English pupils reported drinking 21 units of alcohol or more in the past week, compared with just three per cent of the Spanish pupils and five per cent of the French. A unit is equal to half a pint of beer or a small glass of wine. Researchers say parents´attitudes may be one reason for the differences. Only 16 per cent of the English teenagers who took part in the study said that their parents did not like them to drink alcohol. A large majority of the Spanish pupils, 69 per cent, said that their parents disapproved. The figure of French parents was 36 per cent. The researchers believe there could be other reasons for the greater number of ...

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