Weller, Archie: The Day of the Dog

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Archie Weller: THE DAY OF THE DOG PLOT: The story takes place in Perth in Australia, where a young 19-year-old Aboriginal man, named Doug Dooligan comes out of prison after eighteen long and lonely months. He has been put behind bars because of a brawl. Now he is celebrating his freedom and getting drunk to forget those horrible nights on lumpy beds in the overcrowded cells. In prison there is no privacy, no peace, nowhere to dream by yourself, that is what he missed most of all. Suddenly he meets two of his best mates in the past: Sylvester Jackson and Floyd Davey. They are getting drunk together, although Doug has promised himself, that he will never go back to them and be a street-person , because he doesn t want to live from stealing cars or other things like and to come in a brawl and so in jail again. So the two s girlfriends Valerie and Rebecca come with Valerie s sister and Rebecca s cousin Polly. After talking and drinking Doug and Polly get together. Polly isn t even fifteen years old and on the run from the Community Welfare Department. After sleeping in Valerie s flat, where all of them live, Doug goes to visit his mother. She welcomes him happily, although she knows that he has been out since the day before and he has spend his first day with these drinking and stealing streetboys.. She hasn t had a good life. It has begun happily: he has married Doug s father Carey and they have had a nice farm. But then Carey always has got drunk and they have had to sell the ...

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