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Australia Australia - also called the land Down Under. It has about 16 million inhabitants. By the way, Australia has more sheep than people. 88 of the population live in town or cities. One of the most important towns is Sydney. It counts 3.5 million inhabitants. This centre of finance, commerce and tourism has the largest harbour, but also the most beautiful beaches (e.g. Bondi Beach). Further more the well-known Olympic Games of 2000 will be there. Although Sydney is the biggest city of Australia, it is not the capital. Thats Canberra. Canberra is a planned city. Theres been a real fight between Melbourne and Sydney: both wanted to become the capital of Australia. The compromise maiz was to build up Canberra. They started the project in 1914. Under thousands of names for the city, they have chosen a word of the Aboriginees. Canberra means translated meeting place. The American architect a:kitekt Walter Burley Griffin constructed the city. It is the place of the government. But the head of the Fifth Continent is the British Monarch, because Australia is a member of the Commonwealth. Of course, it has an industry, too. Australia produces wool and exports beef, lamb, wheat and nearly all minerals. Further more Australia has typical landscape - the Outback. This a nearly empty, treeless and flat desert. Sometimes you can find one of the Bottle Trees or you might meet some kangaroos, koala bears or a Dingo. ...

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