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Dresden This report gives you a historical overview of Dresden and some information about the sights in Dresden. Based upon the following chronicle I gave a presentation about Dresden to the staff of the Bury Partnership. The listing is not quite complete - only the important dates are mentioned. Chronicle 1206 first documentary mention of Dresden, the name came from the name Drezdany (area on the left hand side from the river Elbe), on the right hand side the name Nisan or Nisani was expected, this name appeared at first 1013 1216 first documentary mention of Dresden as a town 1287 first documentary mention of a stony bridge 1299 first mention of the town-wall 1309 oldest town-signet 1403 Altdresden (on the right hand side from the river Elbe) got the town-law 1485 Dresden was residence-town of albertinische Wettiner 1491 big town fire -- new building-law (stone houses in the corners) 1556 Dresden was the single mint in Saxony 1582 Dresden got the a coat of arms 1676 laying out the big garden (Großer Garten) 1694 August der Starke its meant August the strong came into power 1697 August the strong got the Polish crown, Dresden got the status of an European capital 1709 August the Strong gave order to make gold in 1709. J. F. Böttger said, I can produce it. That´s why August the strong invited Böttger to show it. But August the strong perceived that´s was only a trick. For this reason Böttger was arrested in the fortress Königstein. Böttger tried to produced gold and he had ...

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