Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451

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RAY BRADBURY - FAHRENHEIT 451 THE AUTHOR Ray Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illionois, on August 22, 1920. Even as a child, he was fascinated by monsters, circuses, dino-saurs and the red planet, Mars. After an encounter with a carnival in 1932, he started writing sociocritical short stories and in the 1940 he was making a living out of story-writing: in 1944 he sold about forty stories for a total of 800. Ray Bradbury is father of two daughters and married to a former English teacher of the University of Los Angeles. His work includes several tales set on Mars (collected in The Martian Chronicles; published in 1950), The Illustrated Man (1951), The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953). His most famous story Fahrenheit 451, which was first published in 1953, was filmed by Francois Truffaut in 1966 with Oskar Werner in the main role. THE MAIN CHARACTERS (a) Guy Montag is a fireman,which is a very respected job. He likes his job, earns enough of money and has a beautiful woman - he thinks he leads a perfect life. But later on in the novel, his true nature unfolds as he finds out that he is not happy at all. (b) Mildred Montag is his wife: a very beautiful but superficial woman who only thinks about her looks, her well-being and her television. She spends her whole day watching stupid pro- grammes and gossipping with her friends about unimportant things . (c) Clarisse McClellan is a young teacher on probation who lives different, which turns out in her methods of teaching and in ...

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