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Facharbeit zu Shaw s Pygmalion und Russels Educating Rita Falls du diese Facharbeit verwenden solltest (auch auszugsweise), dann benachrichtige mich bitte (auch bei Rüchfragen ) in jedem Fall, denn sie ist ein Stück Herblut AudaxEulenspiegel gmx.de Diese Facharbeit ist noch nicht überarbeitet und es könnten sich einige Fehler grammatischer Art vorhanden sein. Preface Theme: The dramatic function of Mrs. Pearce in Pygmalion. Invent an analogous figure in Act 2, Scene 5 of Educating Rita. Pygmalion 1.1 The author - about G.B. Shaw George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on 26th of July 1856 and died in November, 11th, 1950 in Ayot St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire. As a son of a successless, drinking grain merchant he grew up near the state of neglect in a protestant house. Through his mother he discovered his interests in music and literature. After educating himself he began to work as a music critic. At the age of twenty he decided to become a novelist. His critical view onto the Victorian England and his intention to draw attention to the evils caused by poverty made him a famous critic. He gained his success as a novelist by provocating the audience and through his wit and brilliant dialogs concerning the human intellect. Further important pieces and essays of Shaw for instance are: Androcoles and the lion; Arms and the Man; Man and Superman; Saint Joan; Mrs. Warren s Profession; The quintessence of Ibsenism. 1.2 The play - about Pygmalion The theatreplay Pygmalion, written in ...

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