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Speech about AIDS Nina Michlmair 5.c Today people are mostly informed about Acquired immunodefiency syndrome. And I think that you know about the HIV, human immunodiefiency virus too. And I don t want to tell you very much about infection and about prevention because I think that you know that. But what I want to tell you, is the difference between HI-virus and AIDS, where this illness comes from and about the HIV-Test. The difference between HIV and AIDS: If you are HIV-positive, you are HIV infected, that means you have HI-virus in your blood, but you aren t ill. You can be positive for a lot of years and you don t know it, because the HI-virus spreads out very slowly. You speak generally of Aids if the person has not only HI-virus in his body, but only three hard infections or a cancer, which comes from the weakness of the immune systeme. How long does it take after infection until Aids breaks out? It s different from person to person. Some people are infected for ten years and have no big healthproblems. Other people have Aids after infection two years ago and they die sooner. In the most cases Aids breaks out five til nine years after infection. HIV- Test: Mostly there are two steps for a detection. There are two different tests. The ELISA-Test, and the Western Blot. First the ELISA- Test is done. If the test is negative, the result cannot be false. But when it is positive, it can be false. Then the Western Blot must be done. There cannot be a false result. If you had ...

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