Zimmer-Bradley, Marion: The Amazon´s word

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Zimmer-Bradley, Marion: The Amazon´s word
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The Amazon s word THE AUTUOR: Marion Zimmer Bradley comes from Albany (New York). She is known as a successful SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY writer. As her popular novels THE LIGHT OF ATLANTIS and THE HAZES OF AVALON, also the recent work of the author acts in a mythical space of time and at a mysterious place. Again women are the ones who try to recognize their purpose. THE CUARACTERS: Zadya (first person narrator), Ifania, her mistress and Beizun, Zadyas best friend. TUE PLOT: In an explosion of white light a young woman loses her memory. Slave-traders find her in the desert and they carry her into town, to seIl her to the combatants brothel. But the unknown beauty refuses to accept that, So she takes the sword of the first man who approaches her and she kills hirn with a terrible stroke.She cant remember w hat she was in her life. She has forgotten everything - her name, her family,her origin except for the ability of fighting with sword and shield like the best combatants of the arena. And also another thing she knows deep inside her heart -that no man is allowed to touch her. She has been raped by the men who brought her to the brothel. So she is always scared when a man comes too near to her. The arena is her onIy chance -a life- and -death career. For her rich mistress Ifania she has to fight against combatants and wild beasts as ZADYA THE HORRIBLE. Every victory means death for the enemy and a new reprieve for Zadya. Two women tell her the secrets of love: Ifania and ...

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