Woods, Stuart: Under the Lake

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Woods, Stuart: Under the Lake
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UNDER THE LAKE Stuart Woods was born in a small Georgia town. After universi:ty, he started his writing career in advertising. He worked in New York and London. Then he moved to Ireland and started to write his first novell Chiefs. This book won the Edgar Allan Poe award from the Mystery Writers of America. Now he lives in America and whenever he has time, he is on a holiday on the Isle of Wight. Characters: John Orwell: He is a very good known reporter and works for the newspaper Atlanta Constitution.At this time he tries himself in writing books. Heather Miller McDonald: She is known as Scotty and she also works at Atlanta Constitution.She is sent to Sutherland, because she should uncover Bo Scullys dirty deals. The plot: Lurton Pitts asks John Orwell if he wants to write his biographie and he invites him to write the book in a cabin in Sutherland. John agrees and drives to this place. He sometimes goes to Bubbas. a little restaurant and once he meets there McAuliffe, a lawyer. When he comes back to his car, a parking ticket is waiting for him. So John drives to the office of Bo, a policeman. There he meets Scotty. Her assumed name is Heather McDonald. Some nights later, there is a great storm and John wakes up.Then he sees a girl standing at the window and looking out of the lake. John speaks to her, but she doesnt answere and walks out of the cabin. John and Scotty become very good friends. At a party they meet Helen. Jack and Joyce. They have a seance. The ghost says ...

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