Jingard, Joan: The Twelfth Day of July

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Jingard, Joan: The Twelfth Day of July
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The book The Twelfth day of July takes place in Ireland in the streets of Belfast. There are two groups with different religions. The Protestants and the Catholics. In the Protestant area there is a mural, which is the pride of the street. It is the picture of William of Orange called King Billy and his famous horse on the wall with the inscription No surrender It commemorates the battle of Boyne, which was fought in 1690. William of Orange, a protestant defeated the Catholics under the command of James II. Every Protestant child knows the story because the religious education is very strict in both areas. The tale of the siege of Derry is important for that conflict. Thirteen young apprentice boys closed the gates of Derry against the Catholic soldiers. James II confident that the city must surrender, went to the walls of Derry himself to demand it, but the Protestant citizens lined the walls and shouted: No surrender. So the Protestants celebrate that victory on the 12th of July every year. They decorate the streets, wear costumes and march through the streets. Steve, Linda, Sadie and Tommy are very good friends who live in the Protestant area. They love their town and they look forward to the twelfth of July. Not far from the Protestants live the McCoys, a Catholic family with seven children. They hate the celebrations. Both of these two families also dislike the other religion. Many times the children play tricks or provoke each other. One day Brede, Kate and Kevin who ...

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