Segal, Erich: Love Story

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Love Story Erich Segal was born 1937 in New York as the son of a rabbi. He was a graduate of Harvard and wrote texts for musicals. Today he lives in New Haven and is a professor for literature in New York. When the Love Story was published it became a Number 1 bestseller. The film with Ali Mac Graw and Ryan O Neil tempted more than three million people into the cinemas. The main Characters z Oliver Barett IV. a student at Harvard University and one of the best players in the ice hockey team. His family is rich and noble, but Oliver doesnt like his familys richness and he hates his father, because he suppresses him. Jenny Cavilleri a student at Radcliff University and she is of Italian descent. Her family is very different from Olivers, they are neither rich nor noble. Jenny and Oliver first meet in the library at Radcliff University and it seems that they hate each other, but they arrange a meeting. While they drink coffee they get to know each other and Oliver invites her to his next ice hockey game. Jenny comes and Oliver doesnt even look in her direction, but he thinks that she believes he glances to her. While Oliver has to sit on the penalty bench, Jenny comes to him and speaks with him, but he ignores her and spurs on his friends, but still he talks with Jenny. Then she disappears and Oliver loses sight of her. After the game they go for a walk and Oliver brings her to her hall of residence. They talk on the phone for hours and they meet every day. One day Oliver ...

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