Death of a Salesman

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Death of a Salesman Act 1 Page 7-9 Willy Loman is coming home from a sales-trip. He doesn t feel well, because he had a car accident; he was driving and suddenly he begun to study on something else and so he arrived in the ditch. Page 10 Linda Loman asks Willy to ask his Boss, if he could work in New York. Because she thinks that her husband is too old for travelling through the States. Willy promises Linda to ask him. Page 11-15 Linda and her husband are talking about their older sun Biff, who has just returned from being away for several years. In the opinion of Willy Biff is a looser, who is wasting his life with boy-jobs. Further he explains Linda that he wouldn t fight any more with Biff. Page 17-26 Biff and his younger brother Happy are talking about the old times. Happy thinks that Biff is now shyer than in the past and he lost his self-confidence. Then they change the topic of their conversation. Biff asking why Dad always mocked him? Happy means that it stresses Willy that Biff has no normal job. For Biff it s not possible to work the whole day in an office, he prefers to work on a farm under the open air. But he has no motivation to work for 28 dollars a week; he realized that he wastes his life. They are also talking about Happy and his job. Happy may earn a lot of money, but he isn t really happy, because he feels himself inward lonely. Biff offers him to go west with him. But Happy refuses Biff s offer, because he is too ambitious; he wants to show to the ...

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