Mr. Keating - A teacher that ought to be prevented from teaching?

Dead Poets Society, N. H. Kleinbaum, Todd, Neil Perry, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Mr. Keating - A teacher that ought to be prevented from teaching?
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Mr. Keating a teacher that ought to be prevented from teaching ? Dead Poets Society is a novel written by N.H. Kleinbaum. The book tells a story about young boys and their new English teacher Mr. Keating at Welton Academy, a private school situated in the remote hills of Vermont. Keating comes with a very new and modern style of teaching to the old-fashioned school. Most of the students like him a lot and his way but he seems not to be liked a lot for his ...unorthodox teaching methods... (p. 109, quote-Nolan) by the other teachers, the student s parents and especially by principle Nolan. Keating s colleagues are all teaching the old style with discipline and hard work. The new English teacher is a little bit crazy in his way of teaching, e.g. he lets the students rip out pages of their textbook or he jumps on his desk. The main difference between his style and the old Welton teachers is that he wants his students to think free and have their own opinion. That is stated in a lot quotes, one of them is When you read, don t only consider what the author thinks, but take time to consider what you think. (p. 60). In my opinion it is very important to think on your own and not end up in conformity . I can t agree with others like Nolan and McAllister that the boys are too young and impressionable to think for themselves, e.g. how Mr. McAllister questions that: Ah, free thinkers at seventeen (p. 44). Another point that supports Keating and his style is his success by teaching the ...

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