Geoffry Chaucer - his life and works

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Geoffrey Chaucer - his life and works (1380 words) Biography About Geoffrey Chaucer s birthday one have no direct knowledge but it is known that he was one of the greatest English poets, famous for his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales , which represented one of the most important influences on the development of English literature. At Chaucer s lifetime probably only five percent of the population could read at all. He was no professional writer but a public servant and a courtier. The relationship between his writing and his public life is unknown. But being mentioned no less than 493 times in contemporary documents - mostly lists of money paid out to people serving the king or other powerful figures - gives us more details about his life and show a very active career. Chaucer was probably born in 1343 in London - Thames Street, Dowgate Hill, a site today covered by the platform of Cannon Street Station. His father John Chaucer, the son of Robert le Chaucer, might have been a successful wine merchant and an important member of the business community there. About Geoffrey s mother only the name Alice is known. He was the only son of them. Being educated well, Chaucer probably was not sent to a university. Between 1348 and 1349 the Black Death claimed many victims. The pandemic came from the Middle East with a boat of dying sailors in October 1347. It extended by infected rats, arrived in towns at the coast of England in June 1348 and reached London in 1349. Nearly the half ...

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